Dance Equipment & Training Aids

Unlock your full dancing potential with our curated collection of Dance Equipment & Training Aids.

Every dancer knows that behind those flawless performances are hours of rigorous practice and the right tools to perfect every move. Our selection is designed to cater to both budding dancers and seasoned professionals. From balance boards to flexibility straps, and barres to turn boards, we've sourced the best in class to ensure your training sessions are both effective and safe. Each piece is crafted with precision, ensuring durability and reliability as you push your boundaries.

Dive into our collection and find the tools that will elevate your dance journey to new heights.


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Knee PadsKnee Pads
Vendor: Mad AllyKnee Pads
Sale price$26.95
Footsie Roller
Vendor: BunheadsFootsie Roller
Sale price$26.95
Resistance BandsResistance Bands
Vendor: Mad AllyResistance Bands
Sale price$10.95
25cm Mini Exercise/Yoga Ball25cm Mini Exercise/Yoga Ball
Vendor: Mad Ally25cm Mini Exercise/Yoga Ball
Sale price$12.95
Split BrickSplit Brick
Vendor: Mad AllySplit Brick
Sale price$10.00
Yoga MatYoga Mat
Vendor: Mad AllyYoga Mat
Sale price$39.95
Massage BallMassage Ball
Vendor: Mad AllyMassage Ball
Sale price$5.95
Gel Knee Pads Designed for DancersGel Knee Pads Designed for Dancers
Vendor: CapezioGel Knee Pads Designed for Dancers
Sale price$74.95
Exercise Bands Combo Pack to Stretch & ToneExercise Bands Combo Pack to Stretch & Tone
One Size
Magnesium Gel 200ml
Vendor: KySiennMagnesium Gel 200ml
Sale price$15.00
Pro GlidersPro Gliders
Vendor: KySiennPro Gliders
Sale price$15.00
Pro Fitness RingPro Fitness Ring
Vendor: KySiennPro Fitness Ring
Sale price$25.00