Makeup, Body & Accessories

Illuminate your dance performances with our Dance Makeup, Body & Accessories Collection.

Every dancer knows that while the moves captivate, it's the finishing touches that truly enchant an audience. Our curated selection is designed to highlight, accentuate, and define, ensuring you shine under every spotlight. From long-lasting makeup that withstands the rigors of the stage to body glitters that add that extra sparkle, and from essential makeup tools to skin-care products tailored for dancers, we've got everything to complete your dance ensemble. Each product is chosen with the dancer's unique needs in mind, ensuring durability, quality, and performance.

Dive into our collection and discover the essentials that amplify your dance presence, making every performance unforgettable.


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Diamante EarringsDiamante Earrings
Vendor: KySiennDiamante Earrings
Sale price$10.00
Diamante Round Magnetic EarringsDiamante Round Magnetic Earrings
Magnesium Oil Spray 200MLMagnesium Oil Spray 200ML
Vendor: KySiennMagnesium Oil Spray 200ML
Sale price$15.00
Magnetic Pin Holder - HeartMagnetic Pin Holder - Heart
Vendor: Mad AllyMagnetic Pin Holder - Heart
Sale price$12.95
Volume LashesVolume Lashes
Vendor: Mad AllyVolume Lashes
Sale price$10.95
Broadway Makeup CollectionBroadway Makeup Collection
Vendor: Mad AllyBroadway Makeup Collection
Sale price$29.95
Glitter SprayGlitter Spray
Vendor: BunheadsGlitter Spray
Sale price$13.95
Make Up RemoverMake Up Remover
Vendor: Mad AllyMake Up Remover
Sale price$15.00
Eyelash Adhesive Latex Based
One Size
Vendor: Mad AllyEyelash Adhesive Latex Based
Sale price$10.95
Dance Costume & Body TapeDance Costume & Body Tape
Vendor: Mad AllyDance Costume & Body Tape
Sale price$10.00
Eyelash Adhesive Latex Free
One Size
Vendor: Mad AllyEyelash Adhesive Latex Free
Sale price$10.95
Magnetic Eyeliner
One Size
Vendor: Mad AllyMagnetic Eyeliner
Sale price$10.00