Foot & Shoe Accessories

Step with confidence and grace with our Dance Foot & Shoe Accessories Collection.

Every dancer knows that the magic often lies in the details, and the right foot and shoe accessories can make all the difference. Our curated selection is designed to enhance, protect, and extend the life of your dance shoes while ensuring utmost comfort for your feet. From toe pads, heel grips, and shoe elastics to ribbons, spacers, and suede soles, we've got everything to keep you dancing longer and stronger. Each accessory is crafted with precision, using high-quality materials that withstand the demands of rigorous dance routines.

Whether you're looking to perfect your pointe or add longevity to your favorite dance shoes, this collection has got you covered. Dive in and discover the essentials that elevate every step of your dance journey


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Ballet Shoe Ribbon
Wide Pointe Shoe ElasticWide Pointe Shoe Elastic
Suede Toecap Pair
One Size
Vendor: totaldanceausSuede Toecap Pair
Sale price$5.95
Satin Ballet Shoe Ribbon
One Size
Vendor: BlochElastorib
Sale price$11.95
Stretch Ribbon
Vendor: BunheadsStretch Ribbon
Sale price$11.95
Super Spacers
Vendor: BunheadsSuper Spacers
Sale price$18.95
Footsie Roller
Vendor: BunheadsFootsie Roller
Sale price$26.95
Ribbed Ballet SockRibbed Ballet Sock
Adult Shoe Size 5-10Childs Small - Age 4-7Childs Large - Age 8-12
Vendor: CapezioRibbed Ballet Sock
Sale price$8.95
Pointe Shoe Pro Pad® for Extra Gel Comfort
Vendor: BlochLambswool
Sale price$9.95
Wide Pointe Shoe Ribbon
Vendor: totaldanceausWide Pointe Shoe Ribbon
Sale price$8.95