Hair Accessories

Grace every dance move with a finishing touch from our Dance Hair Accessories Collection.

A dancer's poise isn't just in the steps but also in the details. Our curated selection of hair accessories is designed to complement every pirouette, leap, and twirl. From sparkling hairpins to secure bun holders, and elegant hairbands to intricate hairnets, we've got the perfect accessory to hold your hairstyle in place while adding a touch of elegance.

Crafted with care and designed to withstand the rigors of intense dance routines, each piece ensures you remain distraction-free and focused on your performance. Dive into our collection and discover the perfect accents to elevate your dance ensemble to perfection


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Ripple Pins 6cm - 50 PackRipple Pins 6cm - 50 Pack
Vendor: KySiennRipple Pins 6cm - 50 Pack
Sale price$6.50
Ripple Pins 50 Pack 4.5cm Brown
Ripple Pins 50 Pack 4.5cm Light Brown
Ripple Pins 50 Pack 4.5cm Black
Slick Stick™Slick Stick™
Vendor: Slick Hair CompanySlick Stick™
Sale price$24.99
Ripple Pins 50 Pack 4.5cm Gold
Vendor: Total Dance AustraliaScrunchie
Sale price$8.95
999 2" Bobby Pins - 60 Pack999 2" Bobby Pins - 60 Pack
Vendor: KySienn999 2" Bobby Pins - 60 Pack
Sale price$6.95
Bun NetsBun Nets
Vendor: KySiennBun Nets
Sale price$6.50
Hair BoxHair Box
Vendor: KySiennHair Box
Sale price$31.95
Hair Donut - KySiennHair Donut - KySienn
Vendor: KySiennHair Donut - KySienn
Sale price$4.95
Bunheads Hair Nets - AuburnBunheads Hair Nets - Auburn
Vendor: BunheadsBunheads Hair Nets - Auburn
Sale price$6.95