Superfood Smoothie

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR Total Dance Aus readers! I hope you all had a wonderful, resting holiday period and are ready to make 2019 a great year full of learning, dancing and happy memories! Starting off 2019 with a nutritious + delicious smoothie recipe!

There are many misconceptions when it comes to dancers health and nutrition. As dancers are considered elite athletes, nutrition and food play a massively important role in ensuring optimal performance. Nutrition is possibly the single most important thing that contributes to a dancers fitness, strength, endurance and overall wellbeing. Fuelling your body everyday with a variety of nutrient dense foods will not only allow you to FEEL your best, but will also take your dancing to the next level. By promoting and focussing on HEALTH and the quality of your food intake, your energy will increase; focus become sharper and the ability to work and achieve your goals will become easier!

A super easy way to get a nutrient packed bomb into your system is through smoothies! Simple, quick to prepare and super easy to customise to personal preferences J

Here is a recipe for my SUPERFOOD BERRY BOMB SMOOTHIE + some nutritional info too!


  • ½ banana
    - Potassium rich, preventing cramps + muscle spasms
    - Great source of natural carbohydrates
  • 1 cup frozen mixed berries
    - Antioxidants, help fight free radicals (damaging to the body) + reduces inflammation
    - Controls blood sugar + insulin levels
    - High in fibre
    - Brain power
    - Skin health
  • Spinach
    Can be fresh or frozen! (Promise you can’t taste it!)
    - Folic Acid + calcium
    - Promotes bone health
  • Cinnamon
    - Reduce risk of heart disease
    - Helps fight off bacterial infections
  • Maca powder
    - Boosts energy + endurance
    - Improves mood + hormone balance
  • Chia Seeds
    - High in fibre (keeps you fuller for longer)
    - Omega 3-Fatty Acids
    - Full of protein
  • Flaxseeds
    - Omega 3-Fatty Acids
    - Improving cholesterol levels
    - Rich source of Lignans (reduce cancer risk)
  •  High quality plant-based protein (I use Vanilla Complete Protein!)
  • Plant-based milk/water
    - Doesn’t leave you feeling heavy + bloated!

EXTRAS - Superfoods
Things like:
- Spirulina
- Hemp seeds (great for protein)
- Goji berries
- Kale 

Blend all these yummy ingredients up, adding more/less liquid depending on your preference of consistency!

The fats in this smoothie, eg. Chia seeds + flaxseeds, help with a variety of things and are a really great addition into your meals.
Good quality fat helps with keeping you satiated for longer periods of time – facilitating those long, tiring rehearsal days.
Fats also assists optimal brain function and supports you keeping a sharp mind for picking up + remembering choreography.

Overall, this smoothie is packed with nutrients and goodness to keep you mentally + physically fit! I hope you all enjoyed this lil’ recipe – what other plant based meals/ snack do you want to see? J

For more yummy food ideas, info on the protein I use or more wellness tips – visit my Instagram page!

Happy dancing friends! x                  



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