Becoming A Mindful Dancer

Becoming A Mindful Dancer

Becoming A Mindful Dancer

We are lucky to have found such a wonderful way to move our body and connect with people through dance. Although, when our days are busy rushing from school to class or from show to show, we can lose the connection to our passion. Like we are just going through the motions.

Just as we are consistently refining our physical skills as dancers, refining our mental health as an athlete paves the way for longevity in the industry. A simple and quick way to connect to each day, class or performance is setting an intention.

If you think of when you are turning. We should spot, to ensure we don't become dizzy. Imagine that setting your intention is just like spotting. Without it, we can become lost!

This is done by asking ourselves a few simple questions. For example ‘how do I want to feel?’, ‘what do I want to improve?’, ‘what do I want to create?’, ‘what are my goals?’ or ‘what are my values?’. The aim of setting an intention is to connect our mind with our body.

Before stepping into the studio each day or each week, set your intention. There are 4 simple steps… 

  1. Ask yourself, what do I want to get out of this class? 
  2. Choose 1 word that best describes that feeling, such as “powerful”, “strong”, “focused”
  3. Determine how you are going to implement this feeling into your class, starting with the words “I intend to… “
  4. Remind yourself of your intention regularly and if you lose this connection, simply take a deep breath and reset.

For example “I intend to be focused on myself and I am listening to all corrections”

Setting our intentions for class can carry into our day to day life. It is valuable to create a confident mindset that has direction and purpose. As soon as we begin to accomplish these intentions regularly, our disappointments become less obvious. The small and often basic achievements become significant, we are empowered and therefore confident to achieve anything!

This intuitive way of approaching dance will become easier as it flows directly from your inner self. By focusing on your intentions, you stay attentive to your values and goals creating a sustainable and rewarding career.

Hope you enjoyed this small insight into mindfulness today and thanks for reading!

Leah Van Lambaart for Total Dance Australia


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